About Alaskan Designs

Alaskan Designs was founded in 2005.

Developing websites is not only a passion but a belief that this age of information so we need to keep websites current with todays growing technologies. This information needs to be presented in a clear, easy to find and, of course, accessed in a timely manner. Alaskan Designs is here to help you get this part of the puzzle piece of your marketing together so you don't have to give it a second thought.

Why choose us
We Understand Business needs

Don't be drowned by looking for what you need for your website, we already know what is currently available. We provide you with websites that are accurate to your business needs according to your desires.

Obsessed with being on top of the marketing mountain our responsive designs are leading Alaska businesses into the future of online marketing by expanding the customer base.

The most creative ideas...
...are yours, and we will help you get your ideas out to your potential clients. The Alaskan business community is growing in diversity and with that comes competition, we are here to keep your brand on top. True for all businesses, your clients need to find you and keep you, even in this business, customer loyalty and satisfaction mean everything in todays market.
“Holly Lewis is a creative, experienced web designer with great ideas and the skills to follow through. She has a real talent for matching images and text to clients' needs. Let Holly put her knowledge of technology and design to work for you ”